Vape Juice Order Form
All juice is mixed at 50/50 PG/VG. Default Nic strength default is 18 mg/ml. If unsure of Flavor percent. Payment is COD. Email is only used for order confirmation and clarification (I dislike marketing as much or more than most people). All juice is $0.10 /ml + $0.25 per bottle mixing fee + bottle deposit. Bottle deposit is the cost of the bottle and is fully refunded when the bottle is returned (rinsed out please).

Flavors Available:

TFA = The Flavor Apprentice (
CA = Capella Flavors (
MFS = MyFreedomSmokes (

American Red Tobacco Flavor Concentrate (TFA) - AKA Red Type Blend
Grape Juice Flavor Concentrate (TFA)
Kentucky Bourbon Flavor (TFA)
Pomegranate Flavor Concentrate (TFA)
Raspberry Sweet Flavor (TFA)
Raspberry Flavor Concentrate (TFA)
Strawberry Flavor Concentrate (TFA)
Watermelon Flavor Concentrate (TFA)
Ripe Banana Flavor Concentrate (TFA)
Pumpkin Spice Flavor (TFA)
Strawberry Ripe Flavor Concentrate (TFA)
Cola Cherry TFA Flavor
Harvest Berry Flavor Concentrate (CA)
Sweet Strawberry Flavor Concentrate (CA)
Tutti-Frutti Flavor (TFA)
Premium Maple Bacon Flavoring - MFS
TFA - Grape Juice
Vanilla Custard Flavor Concentrate (CA)

Bottles Available:

120 ml $2.00 Cobalt Blue glass w/ poly cone cap
120 ml $2.00 Amber glass w/ poly cone cap
60   ml $1.00 Amber glass
30   ml $1.00 Amber glass
15   ml $1.00 Amber glass
7     ml $0.25 Clear Glass Vial
3     ml $0.25 Clear Glass Vial
Flavor Percent: (leave blank for default)
How much to make (ml):
Nic Strength (mg/ml)
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