Vape Juice Order Form V4

Welcome to my DIY Vape site.

     This site is for the use of my friends, family, and coworkers who help support my habit by buying some of my surplus after I buy in bulk to save money. I've included some additional info below to answer any questions you might have, including a vaping catalog so you can see pictures/descriptions and/or buy direct from the same places I buy the items. Use the form below to let me know what you want.

Happy Vaping.

1.  All juice is mixed at 50/50 PG/VG.
2.  Default Nic strength is 14 mg/ml.
3.  If unsure of Flavor percent leave the field blank and the default will be used. If a default has not been established then 10% will be used.
4.  No personal information will be shared with anyone.
5.  Juice in new bottles is $0.20 /ml (except Unflavored) and includes the cost of the juice, the bottle, and the mixing fee.
6.  Unflavored is $0.10 / ml.
7.  Bottle refills are $0.15 / ml.
.  Due to flavors lingering in plastics I am currently only refilling plastic bottles not buying them back to return to stock, so leave the labels on.
9.  Bottle deposit is the cost of the bottle and is fully refunded when the bottle is returned (rinsed out please)(glass bottles only see #8).
10.  When buying back a bottle I will credit or pay you the amount listed in the Vaping Catalog.
11.  The Ultrasonic Cleaner is used to "speed steep" flavors that require long steep times such as some tobacco or bakery flavors that require 4 to 6 weeks of steep time. This will be an additional $0.10/hr.
12.  Most fruit and fruit like flavors only need 1 to 6 days of steep time.
13.  The date listed on bottle labels is the mixing date which you can use to calculate any necessary steep times.
14.  Unflavored is just the base liquid of 50% PG and 50% VG with your chosen nicotine strength.
15.  Unflavored can be used to dilute down a particularly strong mix or you can vape a small amount (0.25-0.5 ml) between flavors to clear the previous flavor out of your vaporizer before adding a new flavor.

Vape Order Form V 4

Select your options. Fill out your information and click submit. Please Submit a new form for each Recipe. Contact info is only needed on your first submission unless your information has changed since the last time you submitted it. Subsequent submissions you only need to select your name from the drop-down list.

Flavor Mix Options

  All Flavors in all bottles
  1 Flavor per bottle (flavor numbers match bottle numbers)

Flavor Selections

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Bottle Selections

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Bottle 1 mg/ml Nic:
Bottle 1 Ultrasonic Speed Steep hrs ($0.10/hr):

Bottle 2:
Bottle 2 ml:
Bottle 2 mg/ml Nic:
Bottle 2 Ultrasonic Speed Steep hrs ($0.10/hr):

Bottle 3:
Bottle 3 ml:
Bottle 3 mg/ml Nic:
Bottle 3 Ultrasonic Speed Steep hrs ($0.10/hr):

Item 1:
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Item 2:
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Item 3:
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Contact Information

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Terms and Conditions:
1.  You are at least 18 years old.
2.  You will not give any vaping materials sold here to anyone under 18 years old.
3.  Payment is C.O.D.
4.  This is DIY E-Juice made in a non-sterile environment (my home) using non-sterile equipment, use at your own risk.
5.  No returns or refunds unless otherwise stated on this site.